Title Special Issue General Introduction Detail
Situations Vol.08 No.1 (2015) Patterns, Rhythms, Movement: East Asian Perspectives in Cultural Geography MORE
Situations Vol.07 No.2 (2014) Locating Desires: Screens and Urban Culture in Asia MORE
Situations Vol.07 No.1 (2013) After Gangnam Style: Mimesis, Memes, Mimicry MORE
Situations Vol.06 (2012) History, Inquiry In this issue of the old series of Situations, four contributions, coming in diverse forms and from different realms, address the question of history, in its etymological senses as well as in its current meaning. MORE
Situations Vol.05 (2011) The Demands of Place The fifth issue of Situations features a diversity of cultural reviews about contemporary Korea, exploring the multilayered interactions between the local and the Western, the national and international. MORE
Situations Vol.04 (2010) Site, Subject, Space: Negotiations and Contentions The fourth issue of Situations brings together four essays exploring the conjuncture and disjuncture between physical space and the semiotic sites of articulation in different cultural texts and contexts. MORE
Situations Vol.03 (2009) Style in/of Space: Between Genres, Between Cultures The third issue of Situations explores the question of space, in its different, disjucntive, discrete manifestations, as the space of media presentaion, the represented space in fiction and film, and the urban space marked with visible signs of social distinctions. MORE
Situations Vol.02 (2008) Between Nations, Between Cultures In this first special issue of Situations, we bring together a group of critical essays exploring the border region of cultural articulation and national identities. MORE
Situations Vol.01 (2007) Screen, Stage, and Stereotypes: Cultural Representation of Identity in Visual Media The second issue of Situations brings together essays which address in one form or another the question of the national topos (in the sense of "space" as well as of "theme" of the visual text on screen and on stage). MORE