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[CFP] 2024 Situations International Conference: Minor Diasporas in Asia and Beyond (Feb. 1-3, 2024)

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2024 Situations International Conference

Call for Papers

Korean Cultural Centre, UK

1~3 February 2024


Minor Diasporas in Asia and Beyond


From contemporary news media, we receive daily reminders of the current global migration crisis. By some estimates, there are two-hundred seventy million migrants in the world today, roughly 3.5 percent of the world’s population. Although the most trafficked borders traversed (or not) by migrants are well-known, standing at various points of contact between the Global North and the Global South, some of the routes of migration are less well documented. Examples of what Francoise Lionnet and Shu-mei Shih called “minor transnationalism,” the diasporas at the end of these routes, or more frequently these days at a midpoint along the way, in turn develop in less familiar ways and are perhaps surprising when they emerge as objects of focus. Take for example Zainichi Koreans in Osaka, Vietnamese refugees in New Orleans, ethnic Bangladeshi in Detroit, the North Korean enclave in London, Senegalese migrants in Nicaragua. Even more liminal are the communities of migrants stalled at the border in places like Juarez, Lesvos, and Tangier, unable to reach their desired destination. While it is true that all diasporas by their very nature constitute a site of minority, we may regard these examples as doubly minoritized, that is, as situated in subordinate relation to the dominant culture in the geographies they occupy and as well to the discourse through which diasporas become more widely intelligible.


In this context, this conference invites papers that expand the terrain of thought on contemporary migration by considering examples of Korean and other Asian migrant routes and communities, past or present, that may offer insight, by way of both similarity and contrast, into what has become one of the defining humanitarian crises in the world today. Papers that focus on Korean or other Asian diasporas around the world are welcome.


Possible topics:

North Koreans within and without South Korea

Anti-communist branding

“Minor” migrant literature, media, and art

Cultures of inter-Asian migration

Rural/urban migration dynamics

Illegality, trafficking, statelessness

Networks and loopholes

Stateless subjects and communities

State sovereignty and states of exception

Ethics of minor diasporas and minor diasporic encounters

Minor globalization, minor postcolonialism

“Minor” futures and pasts

Cartographies of minor diasporas

Visualizing border crossings



Dr. Chris Berry (King’s College London)


Dr. Junyoung Verónica Kim (University of Pittsburgh)


Early inquiries with 200-word abstracts are appreciated. By 15 January 2024we would invite you to submit your 4,000-word Chicago-format conference presentation with its abstract and keywords (the acceptance of the presentation will be decided based on the 4,000-paper). Each invited participant is then expected to turn his or her conference presentation into a finished 6,000-word paper for possible inclusion in a future issue of the SCOPUS-indexed journal, Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context. All inquiries and submissions should be sent to both situations@yonsei.ac.kr and skrhee@yonsei.ac.kr.


Submissions should follow the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.), using only endnotes.


Venue: Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK



We will pay for the hotel accommodation for those participants whose papers we accept. The presenters will share twin bedrooms.


Cohosted by Korean Cultural Centre UK, UCI Center for Critical Korean Studies, Yonsei University BK21 Project, Situations



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