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2014 Special Issue Call for Papers

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“Maps and Map-Making in Asian Cultural Studies”

A Special Issue of Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context 

Winter 2013/14 Issue

We invite submissions of full-length essays on the widely conceived theme of “Maps and Map-Making in Asian Cultural Studies” for the Winter 2013/14 issue.

Our sense of a particular place is always conditioned by prior assumptions that relate to the sense of our position in the world. One of the most important means for orienting ourselves in the world is through the use of maps. What is our sense of maps and map-making in Asian cultural studies, both past and present?

We are interested in a range of contributions on these issues, including map-making and map makers; historical atlases; school atlases; competing territorial mappings; the mapping of territorial claims and disputes; cartography; the concepts of the Orient and the Occident; the South and the North; mind maps; regionalism, nationalism, globalism; discoveries, encounters and conquests; near, middle and far; maps and the military; alternative Asias; middle kingdoms; centers and peripheries, world systems and sub-regions; pop culture and mapping; as well as related themes, questions and issues relating to the cultural, strategic, military, political and literary importance of maps and map-making for Asia. 

Please e-mail a one-page abstract (300 words maximum) to Terence Patrick Murphy (Dept. of English, Yonsei University, by December 31 2013. Feel free to contact Terence, if you have questions about the scope of the theme.

contact email: tmurphy@yonsei.ac.kr

For general information about the journal, visit:www.situations.yonsei.ac.kr

cfp categories: 

cultural studies; interdisciplinary; nation, region, world; cartography; mind maps; Asia; territorial claims and disputes; the Far East; Orientalism; Occidentalism.

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