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2013 International Workshop

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2013 Situations Cultural Studies 

International Workshop



Date: July 8th (Mon.) ~ 19th (Fri.) 2013

• Venue: Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
• Topic: Identity, Regionality, and Globality in the Asian Cultural Studies
• Schedule (5 hours of lecture and discussion per day for 10 days, total of 50 hours)

Week 1: Hallyu within the Asian Context
July 8: The Politics of Identity and Community in East Asian Cultural Studies 
             (Jen Hui Bon Hoa, Yonsei )
July 9: The Use of (Regionalized) Popular Culture in Social Movements: The Case of Hallyu
             (Lisa Leung, Lingnan U. HK)
July 10: South Korean Television Drama: Cultural Impact and Critical Interrogation
             (Jeongmee Kim, Manchester Metropolitan U., UK)
July 11: Popular Culture and Image Building 
             (Roald Maliangkay, Australian National U.)
July 12: The Global vs. the National?: South Koreans’ Changing Sense of the Global
             (Suk Koo Rhee, Yonsei U.) 
End of History/Beginning of Historical Films: Reading Korean Saguks
(Guest Lecture: Kyung hyun Kim, Professor, Film and Media Studies, East Asian Languages 
and  Literature, UC Irvine)
Week 2: Asia as a Trans-national Cultural Space
July 15: Do Sports Matter in Modern Asia?
             (Younghan Cho, HUFS, Korea)
July 16 : Geopolitics of Literature: Comparativism and Colonial Modernity in Asia
             (Chih Ming Wang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
July 17 : Techno-enchantments: Digital Screen Culture and Changing Urban Space in East Asia
             (John Erni, Lingnan U., HK)
July 18 : Food, Space, Identity
             (Gaik Cheng Khoo, U. of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Malaysia)
July 19 : Filming East Asia: The Case of Taiwan 
             (Pin-Chia Feng, National Chiao Tung U., Taiwan)

* Please note the changed session dates of Prof. Younghan Cho and Prof. Chih-ming Wang, 
along with the updated reading list of Prof. Younghan Cho. 


• Certificate awarded upon full registration and successful completion of the workshop  

• Registration required: 40 people maximum on first-come first-served basis

• Fee: 100,000 won or 90 USD

• Registration deadline: June 15th (Sat.)

1002-848-698338, Woori Bank / Depositor: Bae Kyung-Lin(배경린) 

(E-mail us after wiring the fee)

* In case of any questions including info on nearby lodgings,

please contact yonsei.ies@gmail.com or call +82-2-2123-2300 during 9:00-17:00 by local time.


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