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2015 International Conference Call for Papers

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2015 Situations International Conference

Ethnic Minorities and Diasporas in the Asian States: 

Representations, Confrontations, and Negotiations

Asia has rapidly become an increasingly important hemispheric zone for large flows of peoples from one area of the globe to another, typically in search of work and favourable remittances. The circulation of both skilled and unskilled labor has become standard for many of the countries of South and North East Asia. Migrant workers, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and financiers—and the diasporic communities they slowly or rapidly give rise to—have become an important area of research across a whole range of academic disciplines, including anthropology, demographics, economics, ethnography, geography, history, psychology, political science, international relations, media and communication studies, and sociology. 

The study of migration and diaspora has also become one of the key themes of contemporary cultural studies. While many people acknowledge the positive benefits of migration on both the host and the home nations, the sudden burgeoning of new ethnic communities has had a more contradictory effect. While the richness of multiethnic communities may be lauded by some, they may be seen as a source of anxiety, fear and xenophobia by others. Migrant and diaspora studies draw attention to such themes as the concepts of nationalism and nationhood, integration and belonging, exclusion and ostracism, multiculturalism and multinationalism, xenophobia and racism, representation and identity, community and neighborhood, agency and empowerment, the local and the foreign, food and culture, state policy and local activism, social media and individual participation. 

By extending an invitation to critics and scholars from diverse nations and disciplines, we aim to open up a rigorous intellectual debate on a variety of encounters, actual or representational, including confrontations, negotiations and alliances, between the ethnic minorities or diasporas and the hegemonic groups in the Asian states.

Possible topics of the conference include, but are NOT limited to: 

   · Receptions, Negotiations, Challenges:

     Migrants and Diaspora in the Asian States

   · (Trans-)national Popular Cultures and the Question of the Asian State 

   · Asian Diasporas and Cultural Production 

   · The Development of Subcultures in Asia 

   · Marginal Asian Culture in the Global Market 

   · Cultural Imperialism, Transnational Capitalism, 

     and the Asian Cultural Industry 

   · Nationalism and Asian Post-coloniality

Conference Dates: December 4 - 5, 2015 

Venue: Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea 

Abstract Submission Deadline: Aug. 31, 2015; Full paper: Nov. 10, 2015 

Contact Person: Situations Conference Organizing Team at bk21eng-intl@yonsei.ac.kr 

Each presenter will offer a 20-minute talk presenting a significant piece of unpublished work (or work-in-progress) and will also be invited to participate in the ensuing discussions. Travel expenses subsidy may be available for those whose papers are accepted. For further information, please check out our journal website: https://situations.yonsei.ac.kr

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